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About Farrell Middleton

The numerous topics that have been identified are wide ranging in scope and have been developed through the personal and professional experiences of the director, Farrell Middleton. He is a former business owner and a 36-year veteran of the residential land development and homebuilding industry. Upon graduating from Georgia Tech with Honors in 1986, he immediately entered the field in the Atlanta metropolitan area, by far one of the nation’s leading housing markets for the last several decades.


He has had the opportunity of holding senior leadership positions with both private and public organizations, exposing him to a wide range of management and operational styles and philosophies. As his career flourished and he assumed greater levels of responsibility, eventually leading into executive management roles, Farrell gained valuable insights and a nuanced perspective of all areas of the business and the multitude of personalities involved.  This experience also included close working relationships with many outside organizations that are routinely involved in the industry.


Regarding personnel, Farrell has had the opportunity to recruit, hire, train, and supervise hundreds of employees over the length of his career.  This has involved managing direct reports, guiding small to medium sized internal departments, and handling complicated group management dynamics relative to large construction staffs and on-site sales agent groups.  The teams he supervised handled all ranges of production levels: low, medium, and high volumes of units across wide ranges of neighborhood sizes, styles, specifications, and price ranges.


Personally, Farrell is the youngest of 4 children of a middle-class family from Savannah, Georgia. He met his wife, life partner, and best friend, Kathy, in high school in early 1981. They have been together ever since, marrying in 1986 and having raised 2 daughters, Pfeiffer and Collier, who are now living and working in Atlanta.

After a very successful career in homebuilding (with many ups and downs of course!), the decision was made to retire from homebuilding to pursue a long awaited second career as a “teacher.” At the tender age of 57 and too young to retire, this professional change will provide an opportunity for positive and fun interaction with as many people as possible.

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