Try to be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Focus – Just be yourself in your daily activities. Do not try to act like someone else, and your life will unfold very well.

Personal And Professional Focus

The Traditional Series of The Bell Curve of Life program consists of three categories of topics that provide learning and growth opportunities for all individuals in personal and professional life. This program encompasses five 90-minute sessions held at the same time and day, every other week for a span of eight weeks. The three categories for individuals are personal, professional manager, and associates.
The personal topics will focus on:
• Building healthy relationships
• Recognizing and understanding skill sets
• Procrastination vs productivity
• Navigating through challenging circumstances
• Uniqueness and self-identity
The professional topics for managers will focus on:
• Healthy relationships with work associates
• Enhanced time management
• Developing productive policies and procedures
• Appropriate focus for greater productivity
• Problem-solving techniques
The professional topics for associate positions will focus on:
• Managing the workday
• Participating in problem solving
• Understanding required skill sets
• Focusing on individual strengths
• Structuring productive work weeks
The key to successful group interaction is the dynamics of individual participation at each person’s comfort level. Participants will learn from others as the group discusses opportunities and challenges that each person faces on a routine basis. The monetary investment for the five-session series is $500.

“You did an excellent job of engaging and encouraging everyone to participate. I have noticed a difference in each person’s level of comfort to share in each passing session.”

Marie A.

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    The Bell Curve of Life program is for everyone. It is appropriate for any age, gender, race, nationality, educational background, socio-economic level, etc.