A performer/C performer, A environment/C environment.

Focus – Poor performers can improve in good environments. Poor environments can cause good performers to struggle.

Private Sessions

The Private Session Program of The Bell Curve of Life consists of private sessions for business owners, executives, and managers to explore the topics of the program.


A one-hour session will cover one topic and a two-hour session will cover two topics. The number of sessions is flexible based on the desires of the client.


The program can include more than one participant from the same organization, this will be valuable for partnerships and family businesses with multiple owners.


Private Sessions can be scheduled on weekdays, evenings, and weekends for maximum flexibility. The monetary investment for this program will be based on the number of participants and the desired number of sessions.

“Farrell has been an excellent mentor over the past couple of years.  He is laid back and approachable, but also steady, resolute, and intentional.”

Keith S.

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    The Bell Curve of Life program is for everyone. It is appropriate for any age, gender, race, nationality, educational background, socio-economic level, etc.