Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Focus – True leadership qualities are realized when there are serious challenges. Stay in and under control for optimum results.

Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Series of The Bell Curve of Life consists of topics for Owners, CEOs, and Directors that provide additional guidance for enhanced and continued professional success. The series will consist of six 90-minute sessions conducted once a month.
The topics focus on:
• Building healthy relationships
• Leadership qualities
• Creating productive work environments
• Managing outside influences
• Setting priorities
• Managing available resources effectively
The key to successful group interaction is the dynamics of individual participation at each person’s comfort level. Participants will learn from others as the group discusses opportunities and challenges that each person faces in their business on a routine basis. The monetary investment for the six-session series is $600.

“The session content was great and very informative.”

Brett F.

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    The Bell Curve of Life program is for everyone. It is appropriate for any age, gender, race, nationality, educational background, socio-economic level, etc.