5 Workdays – 1 really good, 3 good, 1 marginal/poor.

Focus – This is life. Be prepared to have good days and bad days. Make the marginal/poor days less bad or better, and make the good days better.

Single Sessions

The One- or Two-Hour Single Sessions of The Bell Curve of Life consist of participating in monthly or quarterly company staff meetings, one- or two-day offsite management retreats, and trade association meetings and seminars.


The topics for discussion will be selected with the involvement of the facilitators of the event. A one-hour event will include one topic and a two-hour event will include two topics.


Participation from the group is the key to success. The monetary investment for the one- or two-hour single sessions is $750 per hour.

“I can see you have a passion for this project and that is a big factor in making me believe that you can help me improve in life and business.”

Josh M.

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    The Bell Curve of Life program is for everyone. It is appropriate for any age, gender, race, nationality, educational background, socio-economic level, etc.